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Report: Profile of the Mexican correspondent in Spain

Actualizado: 7 jul 2021

The Observatory of Mexico in Spain (Obsmex)

There are 20 journalists, they cover 18 media outlets, they have been in the correspondent for 9.4 years on average, 100% have a bachelor's degree and 35% a master's degree.

The Observatory of Mexico in Spain (Obsmex) has just published its 4th. Research report on the profile of the Mexican correspondent in Spain. A study that describes the main sociodemographic and professional traits of journalists who report on current affairs in Spain to Mexican audiences.

The research that has journalistic cultures as a theoretical perspective and is based on the quantitative analysis of secondary data, has been carried out by José Ramón Santillán Buelna, director of Obsmex and collaborating researcher of the Advanced Communication Studies Group (Geac) of the Rey Juan Carlos University and Patricia Maldonado Pérez, professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (Uaemex).

The main conclusions of the report show that there are 20 correspondents. 60% men and 40% women. 18 are based in Madrid and two in Barcelona. The average number of years they have been with the correspondent is 9.4 years.

On the other hand, the average age of journalists is 47.2 years and they have a high educational level, 100% are university graduates in the area of ​​journalism or communication and 35% have completed master's studies, which speaks that they have a high qualification to practice their profession.

The investigation also indicates that the journalists represent 18 Mexican media: two magazines Proceso and Vertigo politico; five newspapers El Universal, La Jornada, Milenio, Reforma and Excélsior; Four radio stations: Grupo Radiocentro, MVS Noticias, Milenio radio and W radio; seven television stations: Televisa, Channel 22, Televisión Azteca, Milenio TV, Uno TV, Cadena 3 and Claro Sports and two news agencies: Notimex and Cuarto Oscuro. In addition, the Mexican embassy in Madrid has an accredited correspondent.

One fact that draws attention is that all the correspondents belong to media published in Mexico City, there is none from a magazine, newspaper or television channel outside the capital.

Regarding their employment situation, 75% report as full-time staff, the remaining 25%, 15% are collaborators and the other part is freelance. The average number of years that journalists have been with the correspondent is 9.4 years. 70% do the work alone and the rest have one more person. In addition, 40% collaborate with other media.

Another conclusion of the study shows that 80% of journalists are dedicated to covering general information about Spain and the remaining 20%, 15% are dedicated to specialized information from the sports field and the other 5% from the cultural field.

Finally, the research also explores the use of social networks by correspondents and the results indicate that 80% have a social network or blog; 55% use it; Twitter and Linkedin are the most used platforms to share content from their medium.

The Observatory of Mexico in Spain is a research center that from Barcelona studies the country's image, the projection of soft power and Mexican immigration. This work on the Profile of the correspondent in Spain, is the fourth report dedicated to Iber-Mexican Studies, examining the presence of Mexico and Mexicans in the Peninsula.

The full study is available at:

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